Thirty years ago, a peace treaty officially ended the war in Cambodia and brought thousands of United Nations peacekeepers to the country. The now adult children they fathered and abandoned still face poverty, discrimination and family strains. I directed and produced this video as part of a long-term personal project about unintended consequences of UN peacekeeping missions.

This three-part series traces historical ties between communities and some of the most critical waterways in Asia. The Cambodia episode explores the impact of dams on the mighty Mekong river and on those relying on it for survival. I was the in-country producer for this one-hour doc.


A cocaine-fueled feud erupted in 2014 between two crime clans from the picturesque tourist town of Kotor, on Montenegro’s coast. The war has pulled in other criminal groups and even some politicians and police in Montenegro and Serbia, and left a bloody trail of murders across Europe. I produced and edited this explainer video about key actors and events that led to this drug war. 


UNICEF Cambodia has been spearheading efforts to eradicate corporal punishment at schools across the country. I produced and edited a series of videos for their social media channels highlighting some of the progress in making schools a safer environment for children.


I produced and directed this video to help the ethical clothing brand Dorsu and social enterprise SHE Investments share their ethos on international women’s day. We really are stronger together! Here’s to women, who prop up other women and everyone else who supports their mates.


Women in Cambodia and around the world are calling for an end to sexual violence and harassment, so that the next generation won’t say “#MeToo” I shot, directed and edited this campaign video for the Safe Cities for Women project run by the non-profit ActionAid Cambodia.


Turren brought to life this story of a father and his daughter to help UNICEF celebrate #fathersday. I developed the script for this short film and managed production.


Filmmaker Bartek Jakubowski “doesn’t have a problem” and isn’t “sick”. He has Asperger’s and is on a mission to challenge stereotypes. I directed, shot and edited this short documentary.


I produced this fundraising video for Business & Human Rights Resource Centre – a London-based organization tracking negative and positive impacts of corporations on human rights.


Instead of fleeing to neighboring countries or heading to Europe, like many other Iraqis, the Farhan family made the unusual decision to make a new life for themselves in Cambodia. Today, together with his wife Muna and his five sons,  Hashim Fahram runs the Taste of Middle East in Phnom Penh. Marta Kasztelan has this report.

Authors: Marta Kasztelan & Jeremiah Overman.

Published on 28 January 2016 by VOA News.


We follow 19-year-old Paulina, who joins Poland’s far-right National Radical Camp. She is quickly selected as a candidate in local elections because she’s ‘a pretty young woman’ who might improve the image of an organisation thought to be full of ‘bald hooligans vandalising the city’. What drew her to join the nationalist group in the first place? Will anything make her question her loyalty to them?

Authors: Marta Kasztelan, Marta Soszynska, Agnieszka Liggett, , and,

Published on 19 Jan 2015 in Guardian documentary.
Living alongside rubbish is not only annoying but it also has serious adverse health effects for those surrounded by it. I produced this video for the non-profit People in Need Cambodia.

This is a “non-NGO NGO video”, which highlights the crippling effects of drought on Cambodians. I produced it as part of series on climate change commissioned by People in Need.

Tong Hann, a tour guide of 12 years, prefers the peace and quiet of “lost temples” as opposed to the more popular sights of Angkor Wat – the key tourist destination of Cambodia. I produced this video for