Fingered by Marta: Interview with filmmaker Kalyanee Mam

Kalyanee photo

For the second episode of “Fingered by Marta” I had the pleasure of picking the brains of Kalyanee Mam – the inimitable lawyer-turned-filmmaker and storyteller. Kalyanee is most most known for her debut documentary feature “A River Changes Course” (2013), which saw her document the lives of three Cambodia families struggling to preserve their traditional way of life in face of a fast developing and changing country. She also worked as a cinematographer, associate producer and researcher on the 2011 Oscar-winning documentary about the global financial crisis, “The Inside Job”, among many other films.

Fingered by Marta: Interview with photographer Yan Cong


This month, I had the pleasure of talking to Yan Cong, an independent photographer born, raised and based in Beijing.

We talked about Yan’s first long term project “The price of happiness”, which tells the story of Buntha – one of the thousands of Cambodian women who were trafficked to China to marry a local man in hopes of lifting their families out of poverty. And while we were at it, we discussed a bunch of other issues, including best ways to showcase your work if you want it to affect change on the ground.

Yan is also the co-founder of a Chinese-language photo blog, Yuanjin. (Read Yuanjin’s monthly curation of best photojournalism from China here) She is a contributing photographer to the @EyesOnChinaProject Instagram feed. She also contributes to Multimedia Week Podcast.

You can see more of her work on her website at